Stashbuster Crochet Along

Week 1 - close up
You may already know about the CAL or ‘crochet along’ but I’ve recently learned this idea of CAL’s and their cousin, the KAL (yes, knit along) has been around for ages.  It’s pretty cool to join in with a group online and make the same project.  There’s no pressure to keep up to speed, or even follow the exact colours I’ve learned.   Some say you have to know the rules to bend the rules, and I say rules squash joy – so the CAL is perfect to do as you please, alongside the others.  I was really thrilled to find a CAL designed to be a stash buster.

Last year I worked on a year-long project – a Temperature Blanket (more on that to come). As this year rolled along I was missing a long-term project, and thanks to the magic of Instagram I discovered I was overjoyed to learn that Eleanora had started a stash busting Seaside Crochet Along (CAL).  I was a bit behind, having learned about it at her week 9, but wasn’t daunted – remember, there are no real rules here, and certainly no race. So I dug in and started the stash buster at my own pace.
As you can see it’s working up nicely here:
Week 4
 I’ll be using Knitpick’s Shine worsted weight in all the colours I have stashed over the past year – I love me some bright colours.  Wallaby and Green Apple are shown here.  CALS’s are great fun, and I encourage you to join in – there’s no race.  If you had over there, please tell Eleanora that Trina from sent you.

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