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We hear it all the time, the importance of the right tool for the job – especially important in carpentry, and mechanics – but, pish posh, we aren’t here to build houses and engines. We want comfort, joy, design – am I right? My tools are important to me. Specific scissors and trimmers for cutting paper. Specific scissors for cutting yarn, and threads. Never shall the two crossover, do you agree? Is there such a thing as a right tool for crochet? Let’s explore.


Recently I decided to try a wooden crochet hook from Knitpicks, in their colourway – Radiant. What I noticed immediately were the vibrant hues! Admittedly I was first attracted to the colour, so I know colour will get me every time.  The colouring truly is so wonderful, and that’s a plus right there! The next thing I noticed was the deep set of the hook – I wondered how that would affect my crochet style? What I learned is the deep cut makes for a lovely pull through, and hardly ever drops my stitch. Now, that is a hookers dream, right? For me the wood feels lovely in my hands too, so smooth, and warm. I never want to put it down – but that’s a ‘makers’ problem anyways. Radiant deep hook

Is there a right tool for crochet? I bet the answer is more in what is right for you. I went for colour first, I learned that the deep hook was a plus. The feel of wood in your hands is truly lovely. If you’re feeling blah about your tools, go on and give a wooden one a try. Look for a deep set hook, and if you are into colour, then there are many to choose from.


Happy making for the joy!





The Best Gifts Are….Handmade

TulipAbout a year ago, Trina purchased a new DSLR camera.   When she showed me some of the pictures she was taking, I was immediately drawn to a close-up shot of tulips.  The vivid colors lightened my mood and the abstractness of it was just the kind of art that I prefer.   I had said to her at the time that she really needed to consider doing something with that picture….blowing it up, framing it, hanging it on a wall somewhere.   We have talked about that picture many times over the year and it is often the thing that will get the creative juices flowing.   So imagine my absolute delight when Trina decided to gift me the tulip picture, stretched on canvas for my birthday this year!   It hangs right above the desk in my office and will be the source of inspiration for many projects, I imagine.

Bday Card

I think what we both learned from the picture is that inspiration can come in so many ways and art is in the eye of the beholder.  Trina didn’t necessarily think to do anything with the picture when she first took it.   But from my point of view, it was a work of art.

Of course, she accompanied the gift with a handmade card which was a work of art in and of itself.  The detail is incredible and it’s obviously made with care.  I have card-envy – my card making skills are not quite as good but I aspire to make beautiful cards one day.   I think I will repurpose this and use it as a bookmark.

This gift was incredibly meaningful – I think the best ones are those that come from the heart and are made with love.   Thank you, Trina!