A Labour of Love

Sunny Baby Blanket

So….about 8 months ago I decided to make a baby blanket for my cousin’s new baby boy.  It turns out I thought I was a better knitter than I actually am so after starting and then abandoning two slightly difficult patterns, I landed on this Sunny Baby Blanket Pattern I found on Pinterest.   I figured the blanket would take me a few weeks but, inexplicably it took me 7 months to finish.   I can’t say why – I worked on it a little every week.  The kids kept telling me to just give up and move on but I didn’t – I persevered.   I was finally able to finish it and gift it last week.  What a relief!  He’s almost 1 now and the blanket still isn’t perfect despite my efforts but I felt good about completing it and my cousin knows the blanket was a labour of love.  I hope she’ll tell the little guy how much I love him.    And I hope my kids learned a lesson too –  slow and steady is ok, not perfect is ok, and keeping going was better than quitting.


The Joy of Gardening

Joy of GardeningIn the middle of May, I attended a Creative Aging Symposium put on by The Creative Aging Society of Calgary and the breakout sessions were diverse in nature  – gardening, choral singing, collage-making.   It was a celebration of the different forms creative expression can take.  So while this site is primarily dedicated to the love of the fibre arts – I wanted to acknowledge that creativity can be about so many things.

Over the last few weeks, I have turned my attention to our garden.   I took the advice of the landscaper and my daughter’s teacher and with no previous gardening experience, we “threw in some seeds and plants” and started watering away.   We also picked out flowers to pot and worked on putting our arrangements together.   What a joyful activity to do with the kids!  When we got our first zucchini flower, the first beans and carrot sprigs sprouting, the joy and awe we collectively felt was indescribable.   There is a connection to the earth and nature.

I hope to use the colours and the beauty the garden brings as inspiration for a future knitting project.   May you also find joy in nature!