A Labour of Love

Sunny Baby Blanket

So….about 8 months ago I decided to make a baby blanket for my cousin’s new baby boy.  It turns out I thought I was a better knitter than I actually am so after starting and then abandoning two slightly difficult patterns, I landed on this Sunny Baby Blanket Pattern I found on Pinterest.   I figured the blanket would take me a few weeks but, inexplicably it took me 7 months to finish.   I can’t say why – I worked on it a little every week.  The kids kept telling me to just give up and move on but I didn’t – I persevered.   I was finally able to finish it and gift it last week.  What a relief!  He’s almost 1 now and the blanket still isn’t perfect despite my efforts but I felt good about completing it and my cousin knows the blanket was a labour of love.  I hope she’ll tell the little guy how much I love him.    And I hope my kids learned a lesson too –  slow and steady is ok, not perfect is ok, and keeping going was better than quitting.


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