About Us

Welcome to dotes ‘n daisy – a site dedicated to our passion for the fibre arts.   We worked together in a professional setting but our relationship was sealed when we discovered a shared love of knitting and crocheting.  Trina loves to crochet, wishes to knit more, card-make and paint.  Zabin loves to knit, jewelry-make and wishes she could learn to crochet and card make. We spent many lunch and coffee breaks discussing which yarns were the best, where to find the best needles, which Craftsy class we were going to take next.  Together we love to make and share ideas.

When our professional lives parted ways we still wanted to continue our daily dialogue but with busy lives, we resorted to text messages…..until we discovered a blog would be a great way to continue our musings.   And the best part of a blog- we get to share with you too!   We look forward to building a community of creators.

Trina and Zabin