All Caught Up!


Adding Watercolours

Super excited to be all caught up on the Seaside Stash buster crochet along (CAL) that I discovered in March (Stashbuster). It really is never too late to pick up on these projects if they appeal to you. There’s no race, the patterns are often up for ages, and people are always so welcoming no matter the stage you’re at.

I love the progression of watercolours, and seaside elements as I did each week’s rows. Can you see the waves, pebbles, and shells? One thing that really appeals to me is the storytelling aspects of such work, how a pattern can evoke a feeling of being seaside, waves crashing, washing over the sand, and pebbles. Bubbles frothing in the foam created from the wash back – ah I can almost smell the sea – can you?

Anyhow, I was so fixated on the watery, and beachy aspects of my colours that I started to wonder about adding in the random colours I have in my stash – pinks, currant, oranges, yellows – can you feel my dilemma? When I look at others random CAL’s I really loved them but struggled to see it working for me. Then, a story started to develop further for me about how to introduce those colours. the thoughts of beaches with sunrises and sunsets started to develop. I worked out how to introduce those colours in a way which appealed to me. Afterall, a stash buster is meant to use up stash, not to buy more colours to complete a theme, right?

All caught up 2.jpg

As you can see in this last picture I am working those sunny colours in, I feel fluffy colours on the horizon, and hope you do too.

All fibre used here is cotton, blended with beech wood fibres resulting in a lovely sheen. Cotton has a nice weight to it, and I love the blend Shine, from Knitpicks. Colours used so far in these pics are: Wallaby, Green Apple, Reef, Willow, Coffee, Peapod, Jalepeno, Sailor, Grapefruit, White, and Carrot.

That’s quite the colour range for a stash eh? What’s in your stash? If you’re inclined to dig in and start your own Seaside Stash buster CAL, then head on over to visit Eleanore of and check out the weekly progress. Have a look at all the random blankets being made – they are all so lovely, and your’s will be too. Please do tell Eleanora that Trina sent you.

Joy, Trina