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We hear it all the time, the importance of the right tool for the job – especially important in carpentry, and mechanics – but, pish posh, we aren’t here to build houses and engines. We want comfort, joy, design – am I right? My tools are important to me. Specific scissors and trimmers for cutting paper. Specific scissors for cutting yarn, and threads. Never shall the two crossover, do you agree? Is there such a thing as a right tool for crochet? Let’s explore.


Recently I decided to try a wooden crochet hook from Knitpicks, in their colourway – Radiant. What I noticed immediately were the vibrant hues! Admittedly I was first attracted to the colour, so I know colour will get me every time.  The colouring truly is so wonderful, and that’s a plus right there! The next thing I noticed was the deep set of the hook – I wondered how that would affect my crochet style? What I learned is the deep cut makes for a lovely pull through, and hardly ever drops my stitch. Now, that is a hookers dream, right? For me the wood feels lovely in my hands too, so smooth, and warm. I never want to put it down – but that’s a ‘makers’ problem anyways. Radiant deep hook

Is there a right tool for crochet? I bet the answer is more in what is right for you. I went for colour first, I learned that the deep hook was a plus. The feel of wood in your hands is truly lovely. If you’re feeling blah about your tools, go on and give a wooden one a try. Look for a deep set hook, and if you are into colour, then there are many to choose from.


Happy making for the joy!





The Mother’s Day Crafter

SPAAAH Wash ClothDo all mom’s love spa days? We can’t say for sure, but what we do know is it may be tough for Mom to get away for the day to the spa – sure she deserves it but let’s be honest – that isn’t everyone’s reality, right? We became a fan of home spas for budget and time reasons. It’s lovely to steal some time in a day, just for you, with a luscious smelling product to sooth away any troubles.

At DotesnDaisy we love to mix up our crafts, and our pleasures. Quite often the net result is an ease in our troubles too. A few moments with a crochet hook, or knitting needles, a cup of fragrant tea or the scent of a pleasant candle nearby can really smooth away our troubles.

If you’d like to gift your Mom some ‘at home spa time’, we have an idea for you. The basis for this idea is that either you are a crafter, and will make her an item we suggest as part of the gift – or, you gift your crafty mom the items so she can make something for herself.

We have a free pattern for a luscious “Spa-aah Day Wash Cloth” to help you on your quest.

If you go the gift route, perhaps you’d like to add a jar of fabulous sugar scrub? We have you covered – head to Greater Goods in Bridgeland to nab a jar of this small batch scrub made in Airdrie by Lamb’s Soap Works.  Pictured here, the amount is generous, and the aroma pure ‘spa-aah’. Round out the gift with a few balls of crochet cotton and let the pampering begin. (Update: Sadly, Greater Goods no longer exists, so go direct to Lamb’s Soap Works)

Scrub and Spa Cloth

Since we are looking to pamper Mom – do try the Shine worsted weight cotton from There are so many lovely colours to pick from. The colours used in this post are Green Apple and Blush.

Wishing all Moms a fabulous Mothers Day!
Trina, and Zabin.

All Caught Up!


Adding Watercolours

Super excited to be all caught up on the Seaside Stash buster crochet along (CAL) that I discovered in March (Stashbuster). It really is never too late to pick up on these projects if they appeal to you. There’s no race, the patterns are often up for ages, and people are always so welcoming no matter the stage you’re at.

I love the progression of watercolours, and seaside elements as I did each week’s rows. Can you see the waves, pebbles, and shells? One thing that really appeals to me is the storytelling aspects of such work, how a pattern can evoke a feeling of being seaside, waves crashing, washing over the sand, and pebbles. Bubbles frothing in the foam created from the wash back – ah I can almost smell the sea – can you?

Anyhow, I was so fixated on the watery, and beachy aspects of my colours that I started to wonder about adding in the random colours I have in my stash – pinks, currant, oranges, yellows – can you feel my dilemma? When I look at others random CAL’s I really loved them but struggled to see it working for me. Then, a story started to develop further for me about how to introduce those colours. the thoughts of beaches with sunrises and sunsets started to develop. I worked out how to introduce those colours in a way which appealed to me. Afterall, a stash buster is meant to use up stash, not to buy more colours to complete a theme, right?

All caught up 2.jpg

As you can see in this last picture I am working those sunny colours in, I feel fluffy colours on the horizon, and hope you do too.

All fibre used here is cotton, blended with beech wood fibres resulting in a lovely sheen. Cotton has a nice weight to it, and I love the blend Shine, from Knitpicks. Colours used so far in these pics are: Wallaby, Green Apple, Reef, Willow, Coffee, Peapod, Jalepeno, Sailor, Grapefruit, White, and Carrot.

That’s quite the colour range for a stash eh? What’s in your stash? If you’re inclined to dig in and start your own Seaside Stash buster CAL, then head on over to visit Eleanore of and check out the weekly progress. Have a look at all the random blankets being made – they are all so lovely, and your’s will be too. Please do tell Eleanora that Trina sent you.

Joy, Trina

Stashbuster Crochet Along

Week 1 - close up
You may already know about the CAL or ‘crochet along’ but I’ve recently learned this idea of CAL’s and their cousin, the KAL (yes, knit along) has been around for ages.  It’s pretty cool to join in with a group online and make the same project.  There’s no pressure to keep up to speed, or even follow the exact colours I’ve learned.   Some say you have to know the rules to bend the rules, and I say rules squash joy – so the CAL is perfect to do as you please, alongside the others.  I was really thrilled to find a CAL designed to be a stash buster.

Last year I worked on a year-long project – a Temperature Blanket (more on that to come). As this year rolled along I was missing a long-term project, and thanks to the magic of Instagram I discovered I was overjoyed to learn that Eleanora had started a stash busting Seaside Crochet Along (CAL).  I was a bit behind, having learned about it at her week 9, but wasn’t daunted – remember, there are no real rules here, and certainly no race. So I dug in and started the stash buster at my own pace.
As you can see it’s working up nicely here:
Week 4
 I’ll be using Knitpick’s Shine worsted weight in all the colours I have stashed over the past year – I love me some bright colours.  Wallaby and Green Apple are shown here.  CALS’s are great fun, and I encourage you to join in – there’s no race.  If you had over there, please tell Eleanora that Trina from sent you.