A Labour of Love

Sunny Baby Blanket

So….about 8 months ago I decided to make a baby blanket for my cousin’s new baby boy.  It turns out I thought I was a better knitter than I actually am so after starting and then abandoning two slightly difficult patterns, I landed on this Sunny Baby Blanket Pattern I found on Pinterest.   I figured the blanket would take me a few weeks but, inexplicably it took me 7 months to finish.   I can’t say why – I worked on it a little every week.  The kids kept telling me to just give up and move on but I didn’t – I persevered.   I was finally able to finish it and gift it last week.  What a relief!  He’s almost 1 now and the blanket still isn’t perfect despite my efforts but I felt good about completing it and my cousin knows the blanket was a labour of love.  I hope she’ll tell the little guy how much I love him.    And I hope my kids learned a lesson too –  slow and steady is ok, not perfect is ok, and keeping going was better than quitting.



Radiant hook colour.jpg


We hear it all the time, the importance of the right tool for the job – especially important in carpentry, and mechanics – but, pish posh, we aren’t here to build houses and engines. We want comfort, joy, design – am I right? My tools are important to me. Specific scissors and trimmers for cutting paper. Specific scissors for cutting yarn, and threads. Never shall the two crossover, do you agree? Is there such a thing as a right tool for crochet? Let’s explore.


Recently I decided to try a wooden crochet hook from Knitpicks, in their colourway – Radiant. What I noticed immediately were the vibrant hues! Admittedly I was first attracted to the colour, so I know colour will get me every time.  The colouring truly is so wonderful, and that’s a plus right there! The next thing I noticed was the deep set of the hook – I wondered how that would affect my crochet style? What I learned is the deep cut makes for a lovely pull through, and hardly ever drops my stitch. Now, that is a hookers dream, right? For me the wood feels lovely in my hands too, so smooth, and warm. I never want to put it down – but that’s a ‘makers’ problem anyways. Radiant deep hook

Is there a right tool for crochet? I bet the answer is more in what is right for you. I went for colour first, I learned that the deep hook was a plus. The feel of wood in your hands is truly lovely. If you’re feeling blah about your tools, go on and give a wooden one a try. Look for a deep set hook, and if you are into colour, then there are many to choose from.


Happy making for the joy!